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About Longford Tennis Club

Longford Tennis Club is a proud member and supporter of the Longford community for the last 70 years. Our club is a highly diversified club with members from Ireland and across the world. We can boast some of the finest facilities in Leinster with 5 all-weather, floodlit courts available to play 7 days a week.

We have social events and gatherings throughout the year while we also have a weekly member’s tournament, played on Friday night. These nights provide a great opportunity to play competitive tennis and meet members, new and old. 


Longford Tennis Courts

Facilities and coaching

Our opening hours are unrestricted with members given access to the courts 24/7. Once you become a member, you can request a key for our facilities. We have a club coach, Richard Turner, who holds weekly session on a Thursday night. Coaching slots for both Juniors and Seniors available. If you want to know more, please contact us here.

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